February 18, 2009

Three Exciting Japanese Trailers

East Asian movie trailers have been getting more and more exciting lately. And the most interesting ones have been coming from the Land Of The Rising Sun. The Japanese are well-known for their incredibly creative and over-the-top CMs or TV ads and it seems that now they are bringing that CM-making creative genius over to their trailers.

Here are three Japanese language trailers that have been generating much buzz recently:

1. Blood: The Last Vampire Teaser
This live-action adaptation of the popular anime film stars Gianna Jun (a.k.a. star of Korean hit movie My Sassy Girl : Jun Ji-Hyun) as Saya the 400-year old half-human half-vampire with superhuman powers. Just from the teaser itself, this movie looks promising...

2. Yatterman trailer
The live-action remake of 1970's cult anime Yatterman is helmed by acclaimed director Takashi Miike (who directed such classics as Audition and Dead Or Alive) and will be released in Japan in March 09. Really love the campy 70's style and the creative blend of live-action and CGI in this trailer. This should be good.

3. Plastic City trailer

This Brazil/Japan/Hong Kong/China co-production about Chinese and Japanese immigrant gangsters in Brazil combines the acting prowess of Joe Odagiri and Anthony Wong. It could be because of the setting but I suspect it is mainly because of the music that gives this trailer a funky samba-like feel that is rarely seen in Asian film. Directed by Yu Lik Wai who is well known for his cinematography in award winning films like Still Life, expect nothing less than gorgeous visuals. This film is set to be released in Japan in March as well.

Enjoy the trailers and if you have a chance, do check out these movies :-)

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