August 31, 2008

Confucius Coming To The Big Screen

A new US$22 million film on the most influential philosoper of all time in Chinese history -Confucius (孔子) will begin filming in November this year. The director tasked to make Confuciu's cinematic debut is female director Hu Mei, who is known more as a TV drama director rather than as a film director. She has directed some of the most acclaimed Chinese historical television drama serials ever made such as Emperor Of Han Wu and Yong Zheng Dynasty.

No cast has been confirmed yet but according to what I gathered from the net, some of the actors that the public would like to see in this role include acclaimed director Zhang Yimou (who recently directed the spectacular Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony), Andy Lau, Chen Dao Ming, Zhang Fengyi (last seen as Cao Cao in Chibi) and Tony Leung.

Well, if all goes according to plan, this film should really be one of highlights of 2009 in the Chinese movie industry.


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August 24, 2008

New Korean Drama - East Of Eden

One of 2008's most highly anticipated Korean drama series East Of Eden will premiere this Monday in South Korea. This big-budget 50-episode drama has a star-studded cast comprising of some of the top names in the K-drama industry including Song Seung Hun (in his comeback drama after 2003's Summer Scent), Lee Da Hae (of My Girl fame), Yun Jong Hun, Park Hae Jin, Han Ji Hye (of Sweet 18 fame), Lee Yeon Hee and Dennis Oh. The producers and the TV station head honchos are obviously very confident that East Of Eden will be a hit cos the first two episodes will be aired concurrently on 26th August (An East Of Eden Special episode will be aired on the 25th), a very special arrangement that is reserved only for mega-budget dramas like this.

The drama has taken half a year to shoot (and still filming as of now) and cost 25 billion won (about US$24 million) to produce. On location shooting in some of the most scenic spots in Hong Kong, Macau and Japan means that even if the plot does not appeal to you, the scenery will be fantastic :-P

The plot promises to have all the elements of a good soap opera: good looking guys that just so happen to be born on the same day, mistaken identities, avenging heroes, beautiful heroines, complicated love triangles, jealousy, unrequited love etc. etc.... In fact, the plot reminded me of the highly dramatic Korean drama serials that were so popular a few years ago (e.g. Lee Byung Hun's All In), the only question now is whether the audience will still take to such stories today?

Well, whatever the outcome, we can be sure that this drama will milk our tear ducts and be the talk of the town while it is being aired. Here is the trailer of the drama that I found on YouTube. Really dramatic neh....

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