February 1, 2008

Trailer For Red Cliff

The Chinese version of the trailer for John Woo's movie of the year Red Cliff is finally here. Check it out:


My thoughts: Frankly, I was ho-humming away while watching this 2 minute plus trailer because the battle scenes, although truly spectacular by anyone's standard, is just too similar to the battle scenes from so many other expensive period movies that I have seen recently, no surprises there...

That is... until I saw THE DOVE... Oh My God I actually missed the John Woo doves so much! LOL ;-D

Enjoy the trailer!

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1 comment:

Jeanne said...

Hi! have you seen the movies? I'm not really sure about the dove. Does it carry something between its' legs? I mean like a message or something?
Because the night before, the girl (I forgot her name in the movie, Vicky Zhao), she said something about sneaking in and making chaos..
My brothers, whose been playing Dynasty Warrior told me that they'll burn the enemy..
The movie is cool, right? I like it. Got disappoint with the ending at first, but then I think again, if it's finish in just one movie, they'll have to make it short and we'll miss a lot of thing.. so I'm glad they're not.

nice reading your blog (^^,)*