January 28, 2008

Takeshi Kanshiro's Latest Japanese Movie - Sweet Rain

After appearing in a string of Chinese movies (including the mega-budget hits like The Warlords and Red Cliff), Takeshi Kaneshiro has finally made another Japanese film: Sweet Rain (死神の精度) that is set for release in Japan on March 22 this year. Based on the 2005 novel Accuracy Of Death by Isaka Kotaro, Takeshi Kaneshiro plays a God of Death (and what a very handsome God of Death I must say...) who appears before people who are to die in a week's time, spends the week with them and then makes the critical decision on whether to off them or not. Hmmm... don't know why but the plot somehow reminds me of that 90's television drama series Touched By An Angel (starring Roma Downey, John Dye and Della Reese) and Brad Pitt's Meet Joe Black. In Touched By An Angel, John Dye who plays Andrew the Angel of Death also appears before people who are about to die in human form, spends some time with them (usually) and then takes them to their final destination. And similarly, Brad Pitt's character Joe Black aka Death is also in charge of... er you know what. I am not sure how similar the storylines are but one thing is for sure, Takeshi's God of Death, John's Angel of Death and Brad's Joe Black are all incredibly gorgeous looking hunks ;-)

Sweet Rain also stars Manami Konishi and Sumiko Fuji. Here is the trailer for the movie from Youtube. Looks like a pretty good movie.

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