December 6, 2007

Top 10 Highest Rated Korean Drama Serials In 2007

The 10 highest-rated drama series in South Korea for 2007 are out. Based on this news report, the top ten drama serials based on average television ratings for 2007 are:

Drama Serial
Average Ratings
Lead Actor/Actress
1. Jumong 47.3%Song Il Gook / Han Hye Jin
2. Soonjung/Pure In Heart 39.7% Goo Hye Sun / Lee Min Woo
3. Money's Warfare/War of Money 31%Park Shin Yang / Park Jin Hee
4. Like Land And Sky 29%Park Hye Jin / Han Hyo Joo
5. Taewangsasingi / Four Guardian GodsOf The King 28.8%Bae Yong Jun / Moon So Ri
6. Likeable Or Not 28.8%Kim Ji Seok / Han Ji Hye
7. Dae Jo Yeong 26.3%Choi Su Jong/Park Ye Jin
8. Blissful Women 25.2%Yoon Jung Hee / Kim Suk Hoon
9. My Man's Woman 24.5%Kim Hee-Ae / Kim Sang Jung
10.Coffee Prince/First Shop Of Coffee Prince24.2% Gong Yoo / Yoon Eun Hye

I have not seen all of these dramas but based on ratings alone, the dramas in this list should be the cream of the Korean drama serial crop of 2007. Do check them out if you have the time :-)


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