September 27, 2007

Characters In Costume On John Woo's Red Cliff

Photos of Taiwan's "Number One Beauty" Chiling Lin in costume as the major female lead character Xiao Qiao in John Woo's epic movie Red Cliff have been released recently and it seems that reactions to her "new look" in the film have generally been pretty good.

Here are the photos of Lin Chiling as Xiao Qiao:
My take: She exudes a classic beauty and looks really demure but still... I feel that she looks like she belongs in a Japanese Samurai-era movie instead of an ancient Chinese historical pic... Hey, but what do I know maybe that is exactly how Chinese women in that period should look like ;-P For a picture of how she looks like in modern day clothing and some background info on the movie, click here.

And here are some candid camera moments of the other actors in costume on the set of the movie:
3rd picture from the top: Tony Leung - last seen in Lust, Caution, as General Zhou Yu (the pic only shows him with the hairpiece :-P wonder how he looks like in full costume...) and
4th picture: Hu Jun as Zhao Yun
1st picture from the top: You Yong as Liu Bei,
2nd picture: Guan Yu, 3rd picture: Zhang Fei
(Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were major characters in the saga of the The Three Kingdoms but it seems that they may not play such a big role in John Woo's Red Cliff...?)
A series of pictures of Vicky Zhao Wei as Sun Shang Xiang (clicking on each of the pics opens up a bigger image). Hmm, she looks pretty manly...
Hou Yong as Lu Xiao (3rd and 4th picture from the top)

Filming for the move is still ongoing and the movie is set to be released in July 2008 ahead of the Beijing Olympics.

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Vipin said...

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a said...

that's how women dressed during the East Han Dynasty. Early Chinese costumes had a great influence on Japanese fashion. Google 'hanfu' for
history lessons.