June 23, 2007

Jackie and Jet join forces in the Forbidden Kingdom

The 2 supreme Kungfu masters of the Chinese movie world - Jackie Chan and Jet Lee have finally joined forces in their new movie - Forbidden Kingdom aka Kungfu Masters (功夫之王). Many have speculated on who is the true supreme master, some say its Jackie and some say its Jet... But my humble opinion is that since they have vastly different styles - Jackie's style is acrobatic and humorous and Jet is more consistent and serious in his craft, it will be hard to determine who is the better fighter. But still it will definitely be a box-office draw when these two kungfu masters come together in a film. The movie also stars up and coming Chinese actresses Liu Yifei (the very pretty Little Dragon Lady in Romance of The Condor Heroes) and Li Bingbing.

They recently came together in full costume for some promotional shots and here are the results:

hmmm... although this movie is very loosely based on the classic Chinese novel Journey To The West, from the way they are dressed, they seem to be making another adaptation of Louis Cha's swordfighting novel The Condor Heroes... Jackie's character must be from the Beggar Sect and Jet's character looks like a highly skilled exponent from the Shaolin Temple...

this should be interesting...

[Picture from http://www.asianpopcorn.com/default.asp?Display=737]

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