April 14, 2007

The Two Versions Of Hwang Jin Yi

In Association with YesAsia.comKorea's legendary gisaeng Hwang Jin Yi or Hwang Jini is moving from the small screen to the big screen this June. While the TV drama serial had Ha Ji Won (top pic) playing the beautiful and talented 16th century gisaeng (female entertainer), the movie will star sweetie pie Song Hye Kyo (bottom pic) in the title role.

It is certainly going to be a challenging role for Song as prior to this movie her roles have mostly been female leads in romantic comedies (e.g. Full House) or dramas that had relatively straightforward story lines and not all that much character development. But she will certainly need to exercise her acting chops this time round as Hwang Jini was a complex character and had a dramatic life story. Ha Ji Won managed to win the prestigious KBS Acting Awards' Dae Sang with her portrayal of Hwang Jin Yi.

Who will be the more memorable Hwang Jin Yi? Well, its too early to say as the movie is not out yet but I managed to find the trailer for Song Hye Kyo's Hwang Jini on You Tube and you can judge for yourself. Enjoy the trailer and watch out for the movie :-)

[Pictures from YesAsia and http://yummycelebrities.com/2007/03/01/song-hye-kyo-finished-filming-hwang-jin-i/]

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eastdust said...

emm..do u have download link for both versions of Hwang Jin Yi??
if its a directlink..it better :D

X3MiX.ReMiX said...

If the person posting this isn't going to put download links.. I will download quality version and upload it on rapidshare or hotshare. I will keep you posted eastdust. And more to be uploaded. Give me till Sunday I will let you know eastdust

eastdust said...

Thanks X3MiX.ReMiX...emm..what is your blog link?