March 7, 2007

Clip From The Departed's Asian Cousin - Infernal Affairs

After watching Oscar Best Picture The Departed a few days ago, I can't help but notice the striking similarities between this movie and the Hong Kong movie Infernal Affairs. But of course they are similar -The Departed is an adaptation of Infernal Affairs. Silly me haha.

I think The Departed is a really fantastic movie but since I watched it after I watched Infernal Affairs, the remake can never really match up to the original... Because while I was watching Leonardo DiCaprio acting as the undercover cop, I was thinking of Tony Leung and while I was watching Matt Damon, I can't help comparing him with Andy Lau... Especially in the second half of the movie when many of the scenes were so similar.

For example, this scene (one of the most powerful moments in the movie) that I found from Youtube:

Remember how it was shot in The Departed? I actually preferred this version over the one in The Departed, somehow I just felt more pathos here especially with the great background score and the flashbacks.

Enjoy the clip. And watch Infernal Affairs if you have not done so, it really is a great movie :-)

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