September 10, 2006

Chinese Film Still Life Wins Golden Lion!

Still Life - a low-budget surprise last minute entry in the 63rd Venice Film Festival by Chinese director Jia Zhang-ke has won the coveted Golden Lion Award, astonishing critics and journalists everywhere.

The Chinese title of the movie - San Xia Hao Ren (三峡好人) means the the good people of the Three Gorges and the movie, as the title describes, is about the plight of villages and townsfolk affected by the Three Gorges Dam Project.
Still Life is the second mainland Chinese movie to win the Golden Lion after Zhang Yimou's Not One Less in 1999.

Tsai Ming-Liang's Black-eyed did not win any awards but did garner the longest applause at the film festival (7 minutes) :-)


RC said...

interesting, thanks for the info, i know very little about this film that won.

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moviepal said...

You are most welcome! Thanks for the comment!