July 10, 2006

Comment on Box Office Records of Asian Movies

Asian films can seldom compete against Hollywood blockbusters in the box office rankings. And it is not surprising at all as hardly any Asian filmmaker is able to beat Hollywood movies on budget, special FX, and marketing savvy.

For example, according to the all time top grossing movies in international box office takings as provided by the site www.boxofficemojo.com, no Asian film made it to the top 100 movies except Japanese anime 'Howl's Moving Castle' at number 84:

All-time International Box Office Records

However, this may change in the future as Asian film makers are now more savvy in their marketing efforts and use more special effects, although I still feel that it is below Hollywood standards. And sometimes in their haste to use more special effects, they overload on the fx and forget that a good powerful storyline is even more important - a case in point is the Chinese movie 'The Promise' starring South Korean star Jang Dong Gun and Hong Kong star Cecilia Cheung, although the scene with Cecilia Cheung flying like a kite whilst being clad in feathers really made an impression on me...

Hopefully one day more Asian movies will be represented within the top 100 movies in the all time international box office records ;-)

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